It was clearly God’s plans that brought E-Shawn and Petrina together, and guide them on their journey together. Both of them were registrars at a local hospital, with E-Shawn being the poster boy back then. Despite their first impressions of each other, they slowly grew closer, from mere colleagues to being best friends, and each other's partner in life. E-Shawn was there for Petrina through the various ups and downs, and so was she.

They also bonded over tennis, and they spend most of their time at the tennis court. With this being a huge element in their lives, we decided to add this element into their pre-wedding video. Not only were we able to capture their interactions, they also suggested a mini "skit", or rather, a comical depiction of a commercial of how they the two "met".

With the tennis element (as well as the funny element) aside, their families are also a huge part of their lives. We were present during their Betrothal Gift Ceremony 过大礼 (Guo Da Li: a traditional state of engagement to be married), and had a small chit-chat with their families. We most certainly felt their extreme pride in E-Shawn and Petrina, and could sense their excitement for a new member to the 'Goh clan' and 'Tan clan'.

Star Wars elements are also added to the pre-wedding video in the form of an animation because E-Shawn is a huge fan! We found out that their celebratory dinner will be in the 'Superheroes' theme, with them dressing up as Princess Leia and Han Solo respectively, which adds a whole new level of fun and celebratory mood for the wedding!

The couple as Princess Lei and Han Solo!

Even with the early start of their day (6AM for the bride!), their happiness can be seen on their faces. With an intimate solemnisation during the late morning, lunch was then served to their relatives and closest friends. The dinner was the highlight of the day; from the unique sitting, their friends who dressed up as superheroes as well, the Star Wars themed wedding cake, the interactive 'shoe game', to Petrina's love song for E-Shawn. E-Shawn and Petrina show their love for each other in subtle ways, and you will be able to feel their affection when you catch it.

Our journey with the couple started with a recommendation by our friend Ben from Benjamin King Photography. Their wedding films were new for us because it's our first project with the element of sports, and the first with extended cuts. Nonetheless, it was a fun experience and opened the door to more opportunities for us! We would like to wish them an everlasting marriage, being the "Obi-Wan" for each other in this life, and in the next :)

Till then,


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