Every couple is unique, and this of course applied to Maria and Aloysius. If we have to start from when their paths crossed, we will have to go back to the very, very, veryyyyy beginning.

Everyone thought that the couple met during a gathering at Tiger Brewery. But Maria had actually left a strong impression on Aloysius during her performance in church months back. Having finally meet the person he had always been looking for, he decided to pluck up his courage and say hi. Conversation after conversation, they were both having a great time. When it was time to say goodbye, Aloysius is not one to give up until he's gotten Maria's number. Their day ended with a very interesting bus ride home, and they were still able to reminisce that fateful day thanks to a photo taken secretly by a friend.

Look at the smirk on Aloysius' face ;)

After multiple dates, Aloysius had his mind set to spend the rest of his life with Maria. During one of their dates, he decided to pop the question. But what he got in return was a casual shrug from her because she felt like she needed more time to think. Maria having think back to a criteria she had created due to a friend's advice, she then realised that Aloysius was all she every prayed for (well, almost). That was when her mind was made. What's left is for Aloysius to ask for her hand again.

During their date to go on a flying fox, Maria was rendered speechless due to the height. Aloysius seeing this as an opportunity, decided pop the question again by asking Maria to believe in him and to leap of faith with him (for both the flying fox, and for them to spend the rest of their lives together). She didn't hesitate this time.

After the proposal, we were able to meet up with the couple and got to know of their story. With their trust, we added in new elements to their animation which they were very welcoming to. The animation received priceless reactions and feedbacks from our guests, which we are really happy about! We were also given the opportunity to work on their actual day videography! Prior to that, we tagged along to their pre-wedding photo shoot, and were able to capture many special moments and interactions between the couple. With this being our very first church wedding, we were exposed to new things, and we have learnt so much along the way.

Their story was based on 3 key points; Faith, Hope, and Love. This inspired us, and is when we decided on the title of our featured film for them. The amount of gratitude we have cannot be put into words, but will always be in our hearts. After concluding the project, we even had the chance to catch up with them on their wedding life over beer ;)

Presenting to you, FAITH.HOPE.LOVE by MAD

Till then,


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