Our Everyday Love - Chin Sheng & Shao Ni

"Keep your heart open and love will always find its way in." This is an appropriate sentence to describe the love between Chin Sheng (who would much like us to call him Lam) and Shao Ni. Despite them working in the same office, they do not have a good impression of each other. However, the course that they were both asked to attend changed everything.

After multiple rejections, Shao Ni was finally moved by Lam's actions, and agreed to be his girlfriend. Through the course of their relationship, Lam being the mischievous one, is always seen playing tricks on Shao Ni. However, beneath all the teasing and lover's spats, he proved himself to be the one she can rely on when she fell sick and was overwhelmed by her doubts and insecurities.

"I will always be the shoulder you can rely on."

Deciding to have the proposal in Taiwan, Lam made special arrangements for a booking at a restaurant, and went everywhere to look for flowers (but to no avail as it was a public holiday and the florists are not at work.) Despite the hiccups, he was still able to carry on with the proposal, and of course, Shao Ni said yes!

We are truly honoured to be able to work on the animation for the playful couple, and we can feel the love between them during our meetings. They were open to the ideas we proposed, and had also given us many inputs and ideas of their own as well. We were even given the opportunity to work on their actual day videography!

Having being able to feel the love and joy on their wedding day, we are truly thankful to be able to witness and be part of their special day. Huge thank you to Lam & Shao NI, for putting their trust in us, and giving us the chance to try out our videography concept, bringing us to where we are today.

Let's look back on their animation, and their wedding day together!

Till then,


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