Follow the flow?

Hello society!

Often we ask ourselves what we wanna do in life, be it a doctor who saves lives or a soldier who protects the nation. For us, we wanted to create contents. Contents that are meaningful, contents that are unconventional.

We create stories, make them ever interesting to tell.

We create visuals, make them ever beautiful to see.

We create memories, make them ever meaningful to live.

Hence, we are here, on the MAD platform, where we do things a little differently. Just like solving the same mathematical problem with a different formula. Of course, people will find it hard to accept. There are many who have suggested us to follow what others are doing. It’s not like we don’t want to or we can’t do it, but ultimately how does it make us special?

So why don’t we crack our brains and hit the world with a new thing? We are always trying to create something else; something people are unsure if they truly require. But what if it works? And now you become the next trend-setter.

Just like how IPhone was created, nobody would think that they require a smartphone, but take a look at the world now, we are obsessed with them.

So why flow with the norm?

Today is the generation of ideation, innovation and creation. We don’t compete with others, but we complete each other. That applies to anything in life, because when you compete, there is bound to be a loser. Maybe it’s time you take a step out and make yourself special.

Just like how; we are MAD.

- D

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