The Makings of a Proposal #HoPehlyeverafter

Earlier in the month of July, we had a chance to be part of a surprise proposal, one that had been a few months in the making. Surprise proposals have not been always the easiest to pull off, as small little details and expectations might have let the cat out of the bag early. Especially with the current stigma of couples choosing to settle down for their future homes, proposals have been generally kept as a relatively simple affair, usually in private or becoming a simplified gestures.

Kelvin's plan was no simple affair at all, as friends and families were invited to join in as part of the process, everyone playing a part in it. From decoration to execution, everyone played a part in making this a memorable event. We also had the privilege to capture this process, realising that the vast amount of effort needed could never be justified by just some photos. Who even knew that this massive scale of decoration had actually led up to an idea being born from it, one that we have recently helped out with *Psst*... The *Ahem* FlowerPractice, so look out for our little space for this upcoming reveal!

It's also a real sight to see the parents from both sides come together to help out, even making the effort to trick the female lead into coming to the location. It's always a vital stage to get the parents' permission for their daughter's hand, and them being a part of this proposal signifies the upmost blessing by them. Seldom do we see the parents involvement in a marriage up till the preparation, sometimes playing the bit part of of keeping their kids out and preparing (with lots of love) their care package for the surprise staycation. But Kelvin actually planned for Christabelle's father to walk her down the "aisle" up till the spot, a sweet gesture and perhaps a mini rehearsal for whats to come!

No matter whether or not the outcome of the proposal was within his expectations, there were bound to be butterflies in the male lead's stomach, especially when reciting the planned speech that has been practised over and over again. Some guys might already be confident that their other half "confirm plus chop" will accept them, but there is always that certain fear when dropping the question: "Will you...?" Sometimes there's just this lingering nervousness when you are down on one knee, looking up to your other half and bracing yourself for an answer. For Christabelle and Kelvin, their story has been an ongoing journey for them both; and Kelvin dropping the question to ask her if she would like to complete (and carry on) the journey, showing that he is indeed ready to take on the next step.

Under the watchful eyes of numerous friends and family members, the preparation and surprise proposal proved to be a success! Tears (of joy) were not seen but definitely felt among the joyous laughter that Christabelle brought to the occasion. Her spontaneous reaction also shows that laughter might just be the best way out of this nervous situation after all.

MAD was also able to capture these moments and create a simple video to mark this special occasion for them. Watch on to reminisce and join them in taking this next step of their lives together!

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