Colours, or the lack of.

Hello August! Can't believe that it’s already August. Where has all the time gone? For the past few months, MAD had the honour to take part in many projects (which we will talk about soon) and also trying out new areas such as wedding invitations design. Since we are in the topic of weddings, let’s talk about the aspects of colours used for a wedding.

After attending numerous weddings, one should have a rough idea of their very own "dream wedding". Has it ever occurred to you how you would like your dream wedding to be? As I am currently 25, aka the "age to get married", friends around me are slowly getting engaged or married. Some of my friends are pretty different in a sense whereby they steer away from traditions such as the colour theme of a wedding.

A friend of mine is a fan of dark colours, and tend to avoid colours like pastel pink and red. For her pre-wedding shoot, she and her fiancee decided to go for her style in one of their many outfits; a full black outfit (her in a gorgeous black gown, and her fiancee in a full black suit). They look amazing, and looked like they were in their own skin in the series of photos.

However, she was reprimanded by her family for wearing black because it means bad luck, and as according to her grandparents, they look like they are about to attend a funeral. In order to pacify her family, out of the 50 photos in the photo album, only 3 was of them endowing the black outfit despite it being their favourite series.

To many, a wedding should be of bright colours. Wedding dresses are meant to be in bright colours to symbolise good luck. Our older generation now are more open-minded, accepting navy-blue or black (which is a very small amount). But there are some who find it hard to compromise, because according to them, dark colours are unable to convey the message that it is a happy occasion. However, I feel the mood of an event should not be determined by the colours used. Weddings are something worth celebrating, for the union of 2 who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. What matters most is the happiness of the couple, right? If the colour theme chosen makes the couple happy, just let them have it.

What are your thoughts?

Till then,


P/s: this topic is something that I’ve always wanted to talk about, and it took me more than a month to finally put it into words.

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