Love Distance Relationship - Jennifer & Robin

Jennifer & Robin met where the night is always still young, and they got to know each other more through a set-up by an angel (or devil) in disguise. Robin managed to "score" Jennifer's number, and they went for dates, enjoying the company of each other. But before they know it, Robin had to leave Singapore for work, Goodbye is hard, but Robin promised to return. Upon coming back to Singapore, Robin popped the first magic question; "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Throughout the course of Jennifer & Robin's relationship, Robin would have to leave Singapore frequently due to the nature of his work. Despite the distance and time differences, their love grew stronger. They ensured that they kept in touch, and communication was never once broken. They would go on adventures together, and endure the hardships of separations. That is when Jennifer & Robin both realise that they cannot imagine their lives without each other, and Robin started to work on the perfect plan for the proposal.

After much planning, Robin decided to execute the plan on their flight back from their latest adventure. The ring was disguised in a dessert box, and given to Jennifer during the meal. Upon seeing the ring, Jennifer was overwhelmed with emotions. But when Robin popped the magic question, she did not hesitate to say Yes.

We were approached by the couple after the proposal through a friend's recommendation. Jennifer voiced out her concern of eliminating the childhood montage, and replace it with an animation that will be played during the wedding. Upon listening to their story, we understood the love and meaning behind, and proceeded to create an animation of their own, that will be shared with their loved ones.

Ample time was given to prepare and work on the project, therefore we were able to understand and execute it in a new perspective. We decided to focus on the characters' actions and forgoing voiceovers as we realised that it will affect the flow of the animation.

Overall, we feel that this is a fulfilling project opened our eyes to animations, and it also answered our curiosity. We were very satisfied and in awe with the end product, and this project is one of our reasons to venture into wedding animations. We can't wait for what's to come ;)

Till then,


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