Sometimes, love happens when you least expect it. What are the odds that it happened to 2 person that just don’t see eye to eye? Imagine Team Rocket's constant mission of trying to catch Pikachu. This is Chin Sheng & Shao Ni. But when love strikes, you just do what you gotta do.


Despite the teasings and lover’s spats, Chin Sheng proved to be the one Shao Ni can rely on when she was overwhelmed by her doubts and insecurities. Watch the playful couple grow, and how the magical question was popped. We guarantee that it is like no other that you’ve seen, just like the love that is uniquely theirs.


Never stop teasing each other and having fun. No matter how long you’ve been together.

Art Direction - MAD

Animation - M & D

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Anyone, and everyone, can be MAD.

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